This Week: Co-Parents, Come Whoop Some Ash!

April 13, 2010 by  


We are thrilled to welcome Sheree Fletcher as our guest on the April 18th episode of “Co-Parenting Matters”, “Adventures in Co-Parenting and Whooping Ash”.  In 1992, Sheree married actor Will Smith.  After the dissolution of their marriage 3 years later, Sheree shifted her focus from her career to managing life as a single parent to their son.  While many celebrity divorces make the news for their contentiousness, Sheree’s co-parenting relationship is publicly admired for its warmth and congeniality, even after both parties have remarried.  Sheree joins us to talk about co-parenting in a high-profile situation; her transition from single parenting to remarriage; and balancing family life with her entrepreneurial pursuits.

Sheree is the Founder and CEO of Whoop Ash, a natural organic beauty care product that annihilates ash (for the uninitiated, “ash” is a colloquialism expression for dry skin).  Deesha’s family has fallen in love with Whoop Ash.  Her daughters keep hiding the jar from each other.  She also bought some for her new hubby who had a seemingly undefeatable ash situation, but—you guessed it—it was no match for Whoop Ash.

Sheree has been kind enough to give away two jars of Whoop Ash to two lucky and readers.  Visit both sites for two chances to win!  We wanted to make the giveaway fun, and we were inspired by actress Holly Robinson Peete’s tweets about chasing her husband’s car down the street because he’d forgotten to de-ashify the kids before leaving the house!  A lot of folks on Twitter could relate!  (Peete is a Whoop Ash fan as well; her tweets are how our friend, Deesha, discovered the product.) So, here’s all you need to do to enter the Whoop Ash and Win Giveaway

Leave a comment telling us an “ash” story from your childhood or one involving your own child(ren).  Deadline: April 18th 5 PM EST

And that’s it! We’ll draw 2 winners at random from among the entrants and announce them on the April 18th show.

So plan to join us as we welcome Sheree to the show to discuss “Adventures in Co-Parenting…and Whooping Ash!”