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Our team of Dads brings a fresh voice to the discussion about single parenting, co-parenting, raising kids and just being men.  Listen closely, because these aren’t voices that get heard everyday.  Get ready to shift perspective as they let loose and speak their peace.

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Fatherhood Freestyle:  Are You My Daddy?

Fatherhood Freestyle: Are You My Daddy?

By Kenneth Braswell

Let me start by saying God has a funny way of placing your anointing in front of you to remind you of the work still before you. I was in the beauty salon tonight waiting for my daughter to get her hair done. Second, let me say that by no means it was this the first time I’d sat and waited on a woman to finish something I had no interest in; getting hair done, shopping, talking on the phone. A good... read more »

Fatherhood Freestyle:  Sober, Responsible Men and Fathers Please Apply

Fatherhood Freestyle: Sober, Responsible Men and Fathers Please Apply

By David Miller

This post originally appeared on The Black Bar. Historically, the role of Black men and fathers has been minimized by mainstream media and marginalized by society. Media assaults on the images of Black fathers have been well documented over the last 25 years. While several television examples of responsible manhood and Black fatherhood can be cited, including Sanford and Son, Good Times,The Jeffersons,... read more »

Fatherhood Freestyle:  Fathers, Be Good to Your Daughters

Fatherhood Freestyle: Fathers, Be Good to Your Daughters

By Billy Holliday

Driving back to my home office after taking my 14-year-old son to school today, I was listening to my favorite sports radio station. The hosts, all about my same age and all with at least one young daughter, happened to be talking about Darius Rucker [formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish], who is now a country singer. The original question put forth had to do with whether they “bought” Rucker as... read more »

Fatherhood Freestyle:  Speak Up on WeParent.com

Fatherhood Freestyle: Speak Up on WeParent.com

By Talibah Mbonisi

We’re looking for a few good men… Fathers, to be exact.  Black Fathers to be even exact-er. WeParent is currently looking for new regular and guest contributors to write for our Fatherhood Freestyle column.  If you’re interested in telling your side of the story, send an email to info AT WeParent DOT com.  Be sure to follow these guidelines: Subject line should be:  Fatherhood... read more »

Fatherhood Freestyle:  The Weekenders

Fatherhood Freestyle: The Weekenders

By Matt Prestbury

This week, Guest Contributor, Matt Prestbury, co-founder of the Black Fathers group on Facebook and founder of the blog Focused on Fatherhood, uses poetry to express a father’s frustration…and commitment. how you gonna let a man that don’t know me from Adam tell me when I can see my children then you tell me that I can’t come to your building and knock on the door for you to... read more »

Fatherhood Freestyle:  Honoring Mothers

Fatherhood Freestyle: Honoring Mothers

By Whitney Traylor

In the spirit of “mama-love,” this father would like to take the opportunity to recognize the importance of mothers in his life and in his ability to father a daughter. So, let me start by saying thank you to my own dear mother and the many mothers who took part in raising me, guiding me, and just loving me. Growing up, I was blessed to have been raised by an amazing mother. She was a strong... read more »